Combine your love of sports with your love of behavior analysis!

If you are like us, you love sports as much as you love our science! Lucky for us, we have figured out a way to bridge our two passions and are now ready to share how we do it with you. This course provides you everything you need to know to extend our science into athletic performance.

What's in the course?

  • Generalization of Knowledge

    This course generalizes key principles and concepts into sports, providing you the foundation for how to advance athletic performance. Topics including how to define sports behavior, how to increase it and how to measure it are included.

  • Did you say graphing?

    Data is always important to behavior analysts. This course provides not just how to measure sports behavior, but also the best ways to graph and analyze progress.

  • Supervision

    Learn how to train coaches and provide supervision to coaches as they practice and master their skills in behavior analysis.

  • Ethics

    Earn 1.5 CEUs in ethics as we discuss how to ensure we adhere to our Code of Compliance while working with those who are governed by a very different set of rules.

Our Instructors

“Dr. Parks has worked in the field of behavior analysis for over 20 years. She focuses her passion for social justice with her expertise in behavior change spending most of her time creating spaces where every person is highly valued and feels they belong. She is currently a managing director at TeamABA, where she focuses on business development as well as the clinical and theoretical applications of behavior analysis into sports. ”

Managing Director, TeamABA

Dr. Natalie Parks

“Wes has dedicated himself to a clearly defined priority: Uplifting and inspiring every client to reach beyond self-imposed limits and aspire to a better life freed from limits. His experience in sports begins during his graduate school coursework where he co-founded the Behaviorist Uniting for Health & Fitness (BUHF). Wes is a managing director of TeamABA as well as the Director of Sports Behavior Analytics.”

Director, Sports Behavior Analytics

Wesley Lowery

“Colleen Suzio is currently a third-year doctoral student at Endicott College in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program. She is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and works with an organization in Connecticut providing school consultation to school teams and to individuals with complex learning profiles. Colleen is currently an adjunct professor at Endicott College and has previously taught at St. Joseph's College. Additionally she has presented at various behavior analytic conferences across the United States. ”

Ph.D. Student, Endicott College

Colleen Suzio

Special Guests include...

“Dr. Weiss specializes in the application of ABA to human problems, especially autism. She serves as the executive director of programs in ABA and autism, and as director of the Ph.D. program in ABA. She is especially passionate about the philosophical and scientific foundations of ABA, ethical decision making in the context of professional practice, and collaboration across disciplines.”

Director, Graduate Program in Autism/ABA Studies, Endicott College

Dr. Mary Jane Weiss

“Andrew has worked with individuals with autism for over 30 years and currently serves as the Director of Experiential Training at FIT's School of Behavior Analysis. His specific interests lie in severe problem behavior, ABA & sports, behavioral medicine, and organizational behavior management. He believes the science of behavior is a valuable resource to all.”

Director of Experiential Training, School of Behavior Analysis, Florida Tech University

Andrew J. Houvouras IV

“Some look at what is and accept it, Kirk Kirby instead sees what could be. For almost a decade he has taken applied behavior analysis services to a new level. At the heart of Kirk’s mission has been a passion to improve performance within organizations by unlocking the full potential of individuals. As co-founder of TeamABA, Kirk is ensuring his dreams are coming to realization through the application of ABA to sports. He currently heads many of TeamABA's sports programs including basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics.”

Co-Founder & Managing Director, TeamABA LLC

Kirk Kirby

“Playing an integral role in assembling TeamABA’s Team of Experts reflects an extraordinary career increasingly focused on the opportunity to disseminate behavior analysis to the largest population possible. As a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and now Chief Executive Director of TeamABA, her vision is to use the science of behavior analysis to improve lives, serving athletes and teams, providing professional training to people struggling with their overall mental and physical health, and working with small to midsize businesses to boost productivity, safely and efficiently.”

Co-Founder & Managing Director, TeamABA LLC

Beverly Kirby

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Get Started

    • Welcome to the course!

  • 02

    What is Sports Behavior?

    • Objectives

    • Video Lesson

    • Sports Behavior Quiz

  • 03

    Pinpointing Sports Behavior

    • Objectives

    • Video Lesson

    • Pinpointing Quiz

  • 04

    Measuring Sports Behavior

    • Objectives

    • Video Lesson

    • Measurement Quiz

  • 05

    Increasing Sports Behavior

    • Objectives

    • Video Lesson

    • Increasing Sports Behavior Quiz

  • 06

    Standard Celeration Charts

    • Objectives

    • Video Lesson

    • Standard Celeration Quiz

  • 07

    Task Analysis

    • Objectives

    • Video Lesson

    • Task Analysis Quiz

  • 08

    Behavior Skills Training

    • Objectives

    • Video Lesson

    • Behavior Skills Training Quiz

  • 09

    Training Coaches

    • Objectives

    • Video Lesson

    • Training Coaches Quiz

  • 10

    Ethics in Sports

    • Objectives

    • Video Lesson

    • Ethics Quiz