Core Competencies

  • Operationally define the term fitness behavior trainer

  • Conduct a functional movement assessment and a Fitness FAST assessment

  • Identify and properly correct poor exercise form using behavior analytic strategies

  • Define the limitations and scope of practice of a BACB certification holder (BCBA, BCaBA, RBT) providing personal or group fitness trainer

  • Create a behavior analytic fitness training program

  • Visually display behavioral coaching competencies through recorded segments of a training session (for Fitness Certificate seekers)

  • Successfully pass 20 question written quiz (for Fitness Certificate seekers only)

Course Curriculum

Take your training to the next level

  • Week 1: Assessments

    There is more to offer than just functional movement assessments. Students will explore the use of custom made FBAs and FAST assessments, along with psychological questionnaires.

  • Week 2: Focused Training

    Class instructors will break down the steps to completing and implementing individual and group training plans. This lecture will focus on creating behavioral objectives with the client, training skill acquisition in exercise performance, descriptive feedback, and data collection.

  • Week 3: Post Workout Behavior Coaching

    There are many moving parts that go into post-workout recovery routines that can derail any well-organized training plan. Students will learn through observation and data analysis how to identify environmental variables and other competing contingencies leading to possible barriers. We will look at evidence based treatment packages for various case studies.

  • Week 4: Ethical Considerations of Practice within Fitness Training

    A lively discussion on ethical fitness training practices and how it looks for the ABA professional.

  • Week 5: Guest Speaker


  • Week 6: Guest Speaker


TeamABA Wellness Staff Certified Fitness Trainers & Fitness Behavior Trainers

TeamABA Wellness' Finest

TeamABA Wellness, the health, fitness, and nutrition division of TeamABA, is comprised of some of the most talented certified trainers in the country. Our trainers possess a collective wealth of training in barre, TRX, HIIT, CrossFit, and yoga that is perfectly blended with their training in behavior analysis.

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