Class Schedule

Winter 2023 Sessions starts February 27 through March 27, 2023. Live Lectures are every Monday from 7-9 pm EST

Continuing Education Eligibility: (BACB®) 10 General Learning, 3 Supervision, 2 Ethics =15 Total CEUs

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New Career Paths

Practicing Behavior Analysis in Sports, Health & Fitness

Behavioral coaching has long been in practice by coaches and trainers within the sport, health, and fitness industries. For nearly five decades, behavior scientists have produced powerful research studies that have led to today’s behavior analysts moving forward in applying their fundamental knowledge of behavior analysis and precision teaching towards forging a new career pathway into a multi billion dollar industry.

The TeamABA Effect

5 Week Interactive Course Study

TeamABA has established itself as the industry leader in Sports and Wellness Behavior Analytics by developing clinical service models, assessments, training and coaching tools, research, and supervision curriculums that have been applied to students, faculty, clients, and professional athletes and teams from the NFL, NBA, and NCAA. TeamABA’s talented staff of board certified behavior analysts, former collegiate and professional athletes, and certified trainers and coaches are ready to share their knowledge and expertise in a 5 week, interactive course that will provide professionals a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively apply behavior analysis and precision teaching methods and strategies to increase performance goals of your future clients and how to build you client pool for working in the field with an agency or in self practice. Classes will meet weekly for lectures, discussions, and in class exercises with world class Sports/Wellness Behavior Analysts that will further enhance the student’s abilities to successfully complete weekly assignments, projects, and quizzes during their independent study experience.



  • WEEK 1: Introduction to SHF Behavior Analysis

    Learn the history, research, and the many ways that sports and wellness behavior analysis and precision teaching is applied in the field.

  • WEEK 2: Training Tools for Coaches

    Shaping, Reinforcement, Pinpointing on new levels as instructors will not just lecture on how to use the tools, but put them into practice. As the game says, practice makes perfect.

  • WEEK 3: Seven Core Steps to Programming I

    TeamABA pulls back the curtain to show you how we coach and train. We will share our custom made, in house intake, assessments, training plans, and evaluations.

  • WEEK 4: Seven Core Steps to Programming II

    We continue to show you what we have developed first hand, while delving deeper into tools of the trade; how to run a focused training session, charting, frequency drills, sequence skill development mapping. This is the vaulted stuff!

  • WEEK 5: Building Your Book of Business

    Now that you have the knowledge and the tools, how do you go about expanding your client base or start your own practice. Lean from the founders of TeamABA how to put yourself in the right position to build your brand of services.

Course Curriculum Preview

  • 01

    Course Overview

    • Course Overview

    • Course Syllabus

  • 02


    • Welcome!

    • A message from the instructor!

  • 03

    Module 1 Discussion

    • Discussion 1

  • 04

    Module 2 Discussion

    • Discussion 1

  • 05

    Module 3 Discussion

    • Discussion 1

  • 06

    Module 4 Discussions

    • Discussion 1

    • Discussion 2

  • 07

    Module 5 Discussion

    • Discussion 1

  • 08


    • Module 2: Assignment

    • Module 3: Assignment

    • Module 4: Assignment

    • Module 5: Assignment

    • Final Project

  • 09


    • Module 1 Quiz

    • Module 2 Quiz

    • Module 3 Quiz

    • Module 4 Quiz

    • Module 5 Quiz

    • Final Quiz

  • 10

    Student Recources

    • Textbook (PDFs)

    • Performance Manual

    • Module 1: Articles

    • Module 1: Slides (Presentation)

    • Module 1: Class Recording

    • Module 2: Articles

    • Module 2: Slides (Presentation)

    • Module 2: Class Recording

    • Module 3: Articles

    • Module 3: PACT

    • Module 3: Assessments

    • Module 3: Slides (Presentation)

    • Module 3: Class Recording

    • Module 4: Datasheet

    • Module 4: Standard Celeration Charts

    • Module 4: SCC Resources

    • Module 4: Additional Readings (not required)

    • Module 4: Class Recording

    • Module 4: Presentation (Slides)

    • Module 5: Class Recording

    • Module 5: Presentation ( Slides)

Meet the Instructors

Christina Cairoli, MA, BCBA

Precision Teaching

Lead Instructor

Engie Martin, MPEd, BCBA

Precision ACT & Yoga

Lead Instructor

Dr. Colleen Suzio, PH.D., BCBA


TeamABA University Coordinator

Guest Instructors


Sarah Schoenhagen, Taylor Williams, Kirk Kirby & some surprise Precision Teaching superstar guest lecturers

Frequently Asked Questions

You're a Behavior Analyst, of course you have some good questions. We are here to help give you the answers!

  • What is included with this course?

    Upon enrolling you will receive: • (BACB®) 10 General Learning, 3 Supervision, 2 Ethics, CEUs with course competition • Course manual: Performance Manual for Sports & Wellness Behavior Analytic Coaching by TeamABA • Weekly research articles for lesson studies • Course textbook: The Precision Teaching Implementation Manuel by Richard M. Kubina, Ph.D., BCBA-D • Access to TeamABA University Resource Center • An active online community of fellow students, staff, and professionals in the TeamABA network • TeamABA Collaboration Opportunities • Certificate of Completion

  • How is the course set up?

    This course is modeled after a 3 credit online college course that will offer weekly interactive lectures, discussion board questions, weekly assignments, role play learning, quizzes, final projects, and grading. Best of all, the student will be able to do everything here on our platform. We are not called TeamABA University for nothing.

  • What day and time are the class lectures and is there mandatory attendance?

    Live class lectures are scheduled for every Monday from 7 pm-9 pm EST or the duration of the course. Attendance for live lectures are NOT MANDATORY. Class lectures will be recorded and posted for students to review and reference for all weekly assignments. If you happen to miss a live lecture, you will have the opportunity to catch up. Use the live lectures for video modeling as our instructors shape new skill repertoires.

  • Is there an Add/Drop period and what is your refund policy?

    Dropping the course within the first week of class is considered a "withdrawal". Students may withdraw and a new student(s) can be added from the waitlist during the first week of class. Students who withdraw during the first week of class will receive their full registration fee back minus a $75 charge for the course textbook. Students who withdraw after the first week of class will receive a credit to be used for any TeamABA University class or webinar. 

  • This course is ideal for?

    Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts, Registered Behavior Analysts who are currently or interested in becoming: Certified Personal Trainers, Certified/Registered Nutritionists & Dietitians, Certified Health Coaches, Sports Coaches and Trainers, Certified Mental Skills/Performance Coaches, Athletic Directors, Gym Owners, any behavior analysts who seek a career in behavior analysis coaching in sports, health, and fitness.

  • Is there a payment plan?

    The early bird registration is $449 up until 1/27/23. The regular course registration fee is $549. Students have the option to make two installment payments of $224.50, with the final payment due 2/17/23.